AJ’s Smoke on the Mountain Salsa

Enjoy this perfect combination of spice and heat with a subtle smokey aroma. Not too hot, just right, so you can enjoy the flavor.

AJ’s Story

Salsa and Smoke, What a Combination!

One day out hiking in the mountains of Tennessee we stopped by a campsite where a group was smoking some pork with a big green egg.  We had our standard chips and salsa… a typical favorite after a hike.  The combo of their smokey grill and our salsa, gave Chef AJ the idea to mix these two flavors.  AJ’s Smoke On the Mountain Salsa was born.



Tomatoes, Green Tomatoes, Water, Tomato Paste, Morita Pepper, Onions, Ancho Pepper, Chopped Garlic (Garlic Water, Soy Oil and Phosphoric Acid), Vinegar, Salt, Cilantro, Celery Salt, Ground Celery, Cumin, Calcium Chloride. CONTAINS SOY.

Serving Suggestions

Our Favorite:  Simple and tasty, a bowl of Corn Chips and AJ’s Smoke on the Mountain Salsa

Spoon a bit over grilled pork chops

Replace your standard fajita salsa, we’d recommend strips of steak or pork.

Try it on fish tacos.