Papa Frank’s Hot Pepper Jelly

If you are looking for a sweet and spicy kick this is the right jelly for you.

Frank’s Story

Papa Frank’s Hot Pepper Jelly: The Afternoon Snack

This one always reminded me of weekday afternoons when the kids got home from school and had snacks of pepper jelly and crackers.  Just a little light bite so they wouldn’t ruin their dinner.  We tried lots of varieties and eventually found that the hot pepper was everyone’s favorite.  Nothing better than spending a little time enjoying the simple things with the kids in these in ever busier times.



Sugar, Water, Red Bell Peppers, Pectin (Dextrose, Pectin, and Fumaric Acid), Vinegar, Lemon Juice (Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Cayenne Pepper.

Serving Suggestions

The Afternoon Special

Just like Papa Frank used to make, a simple cream cheese and crackers

Hot Icicles

Add in homemade popsicles.  This was was good after dinner.

Jelly Wings

Use as sauce for chicken wings.  Are wings all you need FOR dinner.  We think so.