Papa Frank’s Moonshine Infused Moooonshine Pickles

Pickles infused with real home made moonshine!

AJ’s Story

A Taste of the Hills: Papa Frank’s Moonshine Infused Pickles

From moonshine to homebrew, I can remember various family members or family friends sneaking off to the woods to work on their brew. So we had to blend our love of good “shine” into our special Pickles.


Cucumbers, Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Moonshine (Corn Whiskey), Salt, Turmeric, Citric Acid, Dill, Dill Seed, Lime

Serving Suggestions

Just a snack

Toss a few in a bowl and munch away

An an intro to Moonshine

Have friends from up north, or out west?  Share some moonshine pickles as a way to introduce them to this particular blend of booze.

Kick up your Bloody Mary

Your Hair of the Bear not enough?  Toss in a spear or two of these pickles for a whole new flavor