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Crusty Rusty’s Hot Chili

And you thought Rusty just made Bloody Mary Mix. Did you know you can make a great Chili from it, Rusty did, here’s his recipe

Grandma O’Brads Wilted Lettuce Salad

This is the short story part Watch the video on how to make this recipe and look below for ingredients and instructions This recipe uses items from Got Mountain Life Grandma O'Brad Wilted Lettuce Dressing 12oz Grandma O'Brads Favorite...

Soup Beans

Soup Beans

Soup BeansSoup made of beans and pork. Delicious and easy to make!About this Recipe“Soup beans have saved more lives than penicillin.”  – The Whitesburg (KY) High School newspaper The Black Cat. Ingredients and Instructions Beans Water Piece of Pork Fatback Hambone...