Spicy Campfire Seasoning

This perfect combination of spice and heat will make your steaks flavorful and more enjoyable.

AJ’s Story

About our Spicy Campfire Seasoning

Make that steak spicy.  That’s what we had done for years, spicier and spicier.  Those steaks were legendary out on the trail.  Grilled at our favorite campsite. One day we had the whole family out for weekend tent camping trip.  In an effort to tone it down a bit we added some brown sugar to our old-go-to seasoning.  That bit of sweet and spicy was a winner with the kids.  We can’t pack up the portable weber grill without it now.



Light Brown Sugar (Sugar, Molasses), Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Ground Mustard Seeds, Garlic Powder, Chili Powder, Sage, Paprika, Oregano, Thyme, Basil.

Serving Suggestions

Spiced Meat

Just because it says steak seasoning on the label doesn’t mean you can’t use this on any other type of meat like chicken or pork for grilling.

Tropical Meal

Splash some of this seasoning on your fish and add some onions and pineapple for a flavorful tropical meal.